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‘I got a call saying the police were coming for me.’
Jun 13, 2024
Sunita Porte, a village leader, tells how the police came for her on the night Adani's chainsaws came to town.

Sunita Porte, a tribal leader of the struggle to protect the Hasdeo forests from Adani’s coal mines, tells of her narrow escape from police on the day that other village leaders were taken into custody in the dead of night. While village leaders were detained without charge, the forest was felled by the Adani company. Sunita explains how she and her equally brave 'brothers and sisters' will continue the fight against the coal mines that threaten to obliterate their ancestral forests and way of life.

Abir Dasgupta interviews Sunita in this video that demonstrates the defiant attitude of her people:

‘I got a call saying the police were coming for me.’ - YouTube


Part of the Hasdeo forests, inhabited by indigenous people whose livelihoods and traditional way of life will be destroyed if more Adani coal mining proceeds here.


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