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Eviction notice issued to Adani by W&J Traditional Owners
Aug 20, 2020

The Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J), the traditional owners of the land in the Galilee Basin, have issued an eviction notice to Adani for its intention to commit serious breaches to land, life and community health.

The eviction notice was served in person by Mr Adrian Burragubba at the company’s Brisbane office on the 20 August 2020, with other notices of eviction served in person by Traditional Owners at the Adani mine site and at the multinational corporation’s headquarters in Townsville.

Adani’s actions are considered unlawful under Wangan and Jagalingou tribal law. W&J representatives will commence legal proceedings against the attack on Country by this mining company. A statement W&J Traditional Owners went on to say:

'Our objections to this mine are well known and have been ignored. Our basic rights have been torn away and trampled on. Sovereignty remains.

Our land has been sold off to be ruined.

The State and Federal Government, and Adani in partnership have:

Approved the mine in opposition to traditional owners,

Established a sham Indigenous Land Use Agreement,

Extinguished lands rights and native title of traditional owners,

Barred traditional owners from entering their lands,

Bankrupted cultural leaders,

Begun the destruction of our land, water and cultural sites.'

Adrian Burragubba, cultural leader, said, 'the time for talk is over, and Adani has got to go.'

'This is our home, and we will defend our Country,' he said. 'Adani has ignored our concerns. They created sham agreements. They used their power with the government to try and criminalise our actions, and bankrupted us. They have attacked us in public.'

'They are squatters on our land. So they’ve got to go. And we will stand up to them until they have.'

Watch this video to see Adrian and W&J people stand their ground:

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