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Youth Action to Stop Adani - 27 January to 2 February
Jan 19, 2021
Young people call for week of action against Adani, 27 Jan - 2 Feb

Indian, Australian Youth Groups Launch Global Week of Action Targeting Adani.

More than 25 youth groups have launched a global call for a week of action targeting Adani from 27 January 2021 to 2 February 2021.

YAStA is a call to action by youth groups from around the world to Stop Adani from subverting democracies, suppressing community voices, harassing its critics, taking over lands belonging to and used by Aboriginal, Indigenous, farming and fishing communities, degrading the environment, aggravating the climate crisis, endangering our future, eroding livelihoods, and obliterating cultures and identities.

Inspired by global efforts to #StopAdani, YAStA is calling for a Global Week of Action from 27 January 2021 to 2 February 2021 (World Wetlands Day). The farmers' protest outside Delhi highlights the extent to which the corporate sector controls the Indian government. Adani, which added $19 billion to its wealth during the COVID-19 lockdown, is considered one of the big beneficiaries of the Farm Laws.

Young People for Politics resisting Adani's plans

In every location where local communities are fighting Adani's ventures, the campaign is also to reclaim their own governments to work for the electorate rather than for Adani.

Adani's businesses and proposals have dangerous ramifications for the environment. By taking over farmlands, commons, wetlands, seascapes and lands sacred to Aboriginal and Indigenous communities for mega ports, coal mines and carbon-intensive industries, Adani’s proposals end up impoverishing communities and aggravating the climate crisis.

Adani's response to community campaigns has been vicious, according to spokespeople for the campaign. By branding dissenting communities as anti-development and anti-national, it goads democratically-elected governments to turn against their own citizens. It must be said that Adani is not the only corporation to behave in this manner. However, as the experience of communities from India and Australia suggests, Adani symbolises the dangers of untrammelled corporate power.

Chennai Climate Action Group standing up to Adani

As youth from across the world, we are very concerned for our future. We are convinced that a world under corporations will only enrich shareholders by robbing the environment, communities and generations to come. We extend our solidarity to the farmers protesting outside Delhi for fair prices for their produce and for more control over their own destinies.

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We also stand shoulder to shoulder with the communities challenging corporate power, particularly in places such as:
· Australia, where citizens and Aboriginal communities are challenging Adani's coal mine and port proposals;
· Vizhinjam, Kerala, where communities are faced with loss of land due to erosion triggered by Adani’s container port;
· Goa, where villagers are fighting a government hell-bent on favouring Adani, Vedanta and Jindal by double-tracking a railway line through forests, farmlands and villages;
· Godda, Jharkhand, where communities are being evicted from their lands to make way for an Adani power plant;
· Kattupalli island, Tamil Nadu, where fisher folk and Chennai residents are fighting Adani plans to construct a mega port by converting nearly 1000 hectares of sea into land;
· Hasdeo Arand, Chattisgarh, and Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, where adivasi and other farming communities are fighting to protect their farmlands and forests from coal mining.

A protest in Goa targets the State Bank of India over a proposed loan for Adani's Australian coal mine

The Global Week of Action will feature actions highlighting the problems caused by Adani’s business plans. We invite you to be part of the global movement to reclaim democracy, expose crony capitalism and challenge corporate power.

Youth groups in solidarity with Youth Action to Stop Adani:

  1. Chennai Climate Action Group
  2. Dynamic Action Group Kerala
  3. Extinction Rebellion India
  4. FFF India
  5. Goyant Kollso Naka
  6. LetIndiaBreathe
  7. Muse Foundation
  8. National Alliance for People’s Movement Keralam
  9. Poovulagin Nanbargal Youth
  10. Vibgyor Film Collective
  11. Young People for Politics
  12. Yugma Network
  13. Adivasi Lives Matter
  14. Campus front of India (Tamilnadu)
  15. Dulkal Library
  16. Green EIA movement
  17. Peace, Rights & Environment Society of GAIMS (PRESOG)
  18. Life on Land
  19. Lokayat
  20. Makkal Pathai
  21. SAPACC Youth
  22. School Strike for Climate (Australia)
  23. Sirar Kalam
  24. Youth for Climate India
  25. Youth4Swaraj
  26. Yuva Safar - Jan Awaaz
  27. Zenith Tuition Centre
  28. National Alliance for People's Movement (Tamilnadu)
  29. Chennai Youngsters (NGO)

Contacts: Karthik (Chennai Climate Action Group): 91 -8939138207

Prabhakaran (Poovulagin Nanbargal):  91 -7395891230

Young People for Politics: 91 -8870330845