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Gautam Adani to greenwash coal at the Glasgow climate summit?
Oct 14, 2021
Will the head of the coal-devouring Adani Group speak at the UN's climate summit in Glasgow?

Gautam Adani could be speaking in front of world leaders and investors at the Glasgow climate summit. If so, that would be the world’s most blatant act of greenwashing. The billionaire is founder of the Adani Group which is bulldozing ahead with more coal mines and coal-power stations. To preserve the credibility and objectives of the summit, the UK government should prevent him from attending.

Sources have informed campaign group Market Forces that Gautam Adani, head of the corporate conglomerate driving the Carmichael coal project in Australia, could be speaking in front of world leaders and investors at the upcoming summits on climate and investment in the UK.

If so, these summits would provide the perfect platform for greenwashing Adani’s deteriorating reputation. The Adani Group makes great efforts to publicise its investments in renewable energy while keeping quiet about its avalanche of new coal projects. Adani should not be given such a high-profile opportunity to present himself and the Group he heads as climate heroes.

As the host of next week’s Global Investment Summit in London and the UN COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, the UK Government is responsible for the speakers’ entry into Britain. These platforms should go only to people that are absolutely committed to solving the climate crisis, not to billionaire coal barons invested in what could become the biggest coal mine in Australia and a slew of coal mines and power stations across indigenous lands in India.

Call on the UK Government to block Adani from its climate events

Adani's Godda coal-power station under construction in India, February 2020. Photo Geoff Law

AdaniWatch has previously exposed the role of the Adani Group in worsening the world’s deadly addiction to coal. It includes:

  • The notorious Carmichael coal project in Queensland.
  • Several proposed new coal mines in tribal areas in India, including the Hasdeo forests where indigenous forest dwellers and farmers have just completed a 300-km march in protest against Adani’s plans.
  • The proposed Godda and Pench coal-power stations in India which have displaced local farmers.
  • New or expanded port and rail facilities to transport the ever-increasing quantities of coal.

An indigenous forest dweller of India's Hasdeo area overlooks the Adani-operated PEKB mine that obliterated forests and ancestral lands. Photo V. Ramamurthy

Even the Adani Group’s renewable-energy initiatives come at an enormous cost to the environment and indigenous people, blanketing entire landscapes in solar panels, irrespective of endangered wildlife or traditional users.

Send UK Prime Minister Johnson an email now asking him to refuse Adani a platform for greenwashing.

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